Sunday, 25 September 2016

N&S Gaia SS 2017 // Fashion Scout LFW

London Fashion week is well and truly over now and the eyes of the world are now turning to Milan. Am I the only one who feels quite sad when fashion week is over? haha Especially this year as this was the first year I was invited to a show and it was an amazing experience. I had the privilege to watch the N&S Gaia show during this year's Fashion Scout event. It took place in the Freemanson's Hll in the heart of Covent Garden and the venue couldn't have been more amazing.

The SS '17 collection was compromised mostly of dresses and skirts, but the pieces that really caught my eye were really the long and flowy capes the girls are seen wearing here with these swimsuits. How fantastically glamorous would you feel wearing these poolside? Or even as a statement over a simple outfit of boyfriend jeans and a tshirt? I just love it!

photo credit to Erol Birsen
photo credit to Erol Birsen
photo credit to Erol Birsen

The brand are known for their use of ethically sourced and eco fabrics and materials. To be completely honest, whenever I hear of brands like that, my head immediately goes to bland, white and beige designs and I can't help but yawn. That is most definitely NOT the case with N&S Gaia, how wonderfully and delightfully colourful are these designs?! I love all the embroidery work going on too, some of the pieces had lovely sparkle and shine to the details. It was a true delight to see.

Unfortunately, being a fashion week newbie, I did myself the disservice of forgetting my camera at home! You live you learn, right? It's more likely to all of yours benefit, as these pictures look stunning and you can truly appreciate the designs! 

Thank you very much to N&S Gaia and Yannis Sioudan from Interference Press for this opportunity. Believe me, it was not taken lightly and I can't thank you enough for giving me this opportunity. :)



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