Wednesday, 9 July 2014

What I Wore... Bristol Day Trip!

Jeans: Mango // Top & Sunglasses: Dorothy Perkins // Blazer: Primark // Shoes: New Look // Bag & Belt: TK Maxx

Well, look at me all fancy with an outfit of the day! The very first of this blog (hence all the awkward posing), which I hope to make a bit of a regular thing if possible! Last week we went to Bristol for the day and it was so so lovely! The sun was shinning bright, which made me thankful I had bought these sunnies just a few days prior. Usually I find most sunglasses on the high street to be too small for my face, but not this little baby! It is HUGE and I love it! I am also really pleasantly surprised with these New Look sandals. I love the gold metal detailing it's got, which makes it look so sophisticated. But most importantly, they were so comfortable for walking around on all day!

We took a stroll down (not up!) Bristol's Park Street, which is so beautiful. I was surprised about how many independent restaurants, cafes and stores Bristol's got, it is such a wonderful city. We visited the original Boston Tea Party on Park Street and it's a lot smaller than Worcester's, but so much busier. I don't know how those guys do it behind that tiny counter on a busy Saturday! haha We also visited the M shed, which is basically a museum all about the history of Bristol and me, being the history geek that I am, absolutely loved it! I had no idea Bristol had such a rich and interesting history, it's really amazing. I wouldn't mind moving there one day! *nudge nudge, wink wink*.


  1. Love ur outfit :)

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  2. totally love visiting museums, u look grest
    smart outfit
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    Keep in touch,

  3. I love the blazer, can't believe it's from Primark. Bristol is great, I went to the tiniest teashop in an indoor centre somewhere there, with all quirky decor. I can't explain it but it was fantastic.
    Glad you had a great time :)

    Cup of Loveliness

  4. Nice outfit! You've got a lovely blog :)

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  5. That outfit is so classy!

  6. Gorgeous! I love your cross-body bag! <3

    Jennie xo |

  7. I'd love to visit Bristol, it sounds gorgeous and is so close to my uni! Love those sandals :) Xx

    A Blonde Moment

  8. Lovely outfit - I seem to be collecting blazers, my most recent purchase was a coral one from New Look!

    I've only been to Bristol the once but would love to go back, really want to visit the zoo as well as do some shopping x

    Sarah @ xx

  9. Love the bag! So nice and cheerful x

  10. Can't believe your blazer is from primark, it is so lovely!




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