Friday, 4 July 2014

Essie's Wicked - Swatch

I think I have to admit, Essie are probably my favourite nail polish brand right now! I think it must be the combination of the cute packaging, great names and just on point colours that make all the beauty bloggers go wild, and I'm definitely one of them! I know it's supposed to be Summer and I should probably be going for fun, colorful colours at the moment. But the one shade that's climbed it's way to my top choice is this dark, burgundy red called "Wicked" (love that name)! 

One of the things that makes me feel the most elegant and feminine is when I have my nails done! And this shade just gets that feeling to the absolute max! And, in a funny way, it also makes me feel so grown up! I'll explain: when I was younger, my mother never let me wear the dark colours I really wanted to go for on my nails. So when I started to finally be able to choose for myself, I always went for a combination of Brazilian nail varnishes that looked exactly like this! haha I also love it that combining this with the Essie top coat makes it last a good 4-5 days chip-free!

What nails varnish colours are you loving at the moment? x


  1. I looove this color! I usually prefer black or dark blue, but this vampire red is so rad!

  2. Looks gorgeous :)

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  3. If you like this colour your like the OPI Gwen Stafani minis I have reviewed over on my blog! One colour is a dupe for wicked!

  4. its a really nice color , essie is a great brand for nailpants
    keep in touch,

  5. Such a great shade! I've been tempted to reach for some darker shades recently too, just for a change ; ) xx

  6. Beautiful shade, who cares about the season?



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