Friday, 11 July 2014

Blogging Spaces: Sarah @ Sarah's Beauty Emporium

Hi Everyone! Ferdie has kindly let me guest post on her gorgeous blog so I can share with you my Blogging Space! My name's Sarah, and I usually blog over at Sarah's Beauty Emporium. Today, I'm here to show where I do the majority of my blogging, and how I organize myself as well! My blogging space isn't quite how I'd like it - I'd prefer it to be neater, maybe with a white desk to match my shelves rather than the black piece of kitchen worktop that I have - It does the job though!

Here's my blogging space! This is my desk, which is in a corner of my room where I used to have a built-in wardrobe. Now, this is where I do my college work as well as my blogging. I have quite a few random things scattering my desk (i.e. stuff that I need to tidy up) but there are a few things that are constantly on my desk while I'm blogging. This year, I've made quite a big investment in my blog (and my studies, as my tech is used for my Film and TV course that I'm currently studying) and bought myself a Canon 600D and a Macbook Pro. These are the two main blogging companions in my life - although I do use my iPad on the bus to college sometimes to write up posts.

I've always got a candle burning in my room, as I am literally the Yankee Candle queen. At the moment, I'm burning Pink Sands, which is from my Spring Celebration Gift Box that I did a full review on HERE. Candles always make my room smell nice, so I'm blogging in a nice-smelling environment. It also gives me inspiration for posts, as I do quite a few Yankee Candle reviews.

I have SO many notebooks. In my notebooks I jot down loads of things - new blog ideas, lists of people attending events that I'm organising, to-do lists and it's just general blogging organisation. At the moment, I'm trying this new way of organising my posts - I write down all my post ideas, draw a little camera next to them when I've taken the pictures, and cross them out once I've written the post! It's working quite well. I like to get floral notebooks, so they look pretty on my desk.

Finally, I always have a drink or some food next to me while I'm working - it's good to keep hydrated! Diet coke is my saviour when I'm tired - the caffeine gives me a boost. If it's a hot summers day or I've finished my coke I'll usually drink water instead. I hope you've enjoyed reading my post - if you have, you can read more at . Also, I'd like to say a massive Thank You to Ferdie for letting me post on her blog! 

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  2. Pink sands smells so nice :) I'd burn it all the time if i could too.x



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