Saturday, 28 June 2014

DIY Golden Miniature Animals

I had seen these miniature golden animlas around the internet so many times and thought they looked so nice but had never seen them at shops anywhere. SO I just decided to DIY my own, it looks simple enough... And it certainly was!

I went and bought these too little rubber animals from a toy shop just down the road from where I work. I chose an elephant and what I assume to be a goat with horns. Does anyone know what this little fella is actually supposed to be? 'Cause I don't! I also picked up a can of golden spray paint from Homebase and went to town on them! I debated getting the rose gold spray paint for a minute, but I thought the gold would be a more "neutral" colour to go for and I think I've made the right decision! Spraying them was so simple. I just took a cardboard box and cut out the top and front bits so I could protect the (outside) walls from the paint and it worked brilliantly! I recommend spraying from afar and doing thin coats, or else you might get paint drips on the animals, which don't look so great! Also, make sure to check very thoroughly to make sure all the nooks and crannies on the toys are actually painted! I thought I was done after a few coats, only to discover I had completely missed the bottom of the little guys! 

 These can be so versatile and I've seen these being used in a variety of ways. As an accent lounge accessory like I've done, as table decorations for parties to glued on top of mason jars for a touch of fun! There really is no end to how you can display them and I think they look absolutely darling!

This was actually my first ever go at DIYing! Are you guys big on it?? x



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