Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Sunday Post #11

This has definitely been a weekend for change! I started exercising again this week and I went on a lovely run yesterday with my friend and managed to do quite a lot of running as opposite to mostly walking! It is so true that your head gives up way before your legs do, as I didn't run as far today without the distraction of a friend there. hehe We're planning on running a 5k in July, but I'm sure that if we keep this up, we'll be ready for a 10k by then, easy! I also went back to eating a bit more healthy this week, in compliance with my New Year's resolution. January was great, but February was a complete write off, what with all the baking. I'm hoping the exercising will influence me with the eating, as I don't want to ruin all my hard work!

Right now I'm trying really hard to fix sleeping schedule. Yesterday was the first day I woke up at a sensible time in what feels like months and I guess my body caught on cause I feel super sleepy during the day and have SUCH a hard time falling asleep at night. And when I do fall asleep, I always end up waking up in the middle of the night, so the sleep I do get is all choppy. I've been trying to turn off from the TV & computer/phone an hour before going to bed to slow my brain down and also drinking chamomile tea an hour before bed. It hasn't worked it, but I'm sure the regular exercise will help. 

Given the excitably early hour I got up at, the first thing I did was pop into the WHSmith around the corner to pick up the new issue of Vogue! I'm not usually a Vogue reader, but this one's got Nigella on the cover, I do love her! I've always prefered reading ELLE, as it feels a bit more "approachable" (if that's a quality a magazine can have!), but I did enjoy reading this issue of Vogue, so I might give it another chance! 

And I finally took advantage of that 3 for 2 at Boots and picked me up some Essie goodies! The taupey colour is Chinchilly, the red is Wicked (which I believe is Essie's answer to Chanel's Rouge Noir) and I also got their high shine top coat! I just did my nails this morning and it IS shiny, let's see how it holds up! And while browsing the shops yesterday, I stumbled upon not one, but TWO striped, navy blazers (first one's from H&M and the second from TK Maxx)! Is that a sign or what?? They look perfect to Spring, so I might have to give in! 

What have you been up to this week??

Friday, 7 March 2014

Lingerie as Outerwear - Three Ways with M&S!

I was invited by M&S to take part in their new blogger campaign a few weeks ago and thought it was the perfect opportunity to do something I've been meaning to do for ages, which is to incorporate more fashion posts in the blog! I hope you enjoy this post!

The lingerie as outerwear trend has been around for ages and it looks like it's going to continue going strong in the next few seasons! I always thought it looked SO elegant and chic when done right, I love how feminine it is. However, I personally could never dream of ever going out in public with my bra showing or wearing a body. haha I guess I'm just not THAT fashion forward! So when I had to choose a piece of lingerie to style in three different ways, I went with this really delicate and versatile lace vest and using my incredible personal style (HA!), here are the three looks I came up with:

For work: if you work in a more formal environment, this would be a great way to add a bit more personality into your work outfits!

Casual layering: this is such a comfortable look and I think the tank lifts up the whole look and makes it a bit more fun!

A touch of femininity: I love how the delicate lace adds some femininity to the tough looking leather jacket!

I think choosing a piece that is kind of in-between lingerie and outerwear, such as this top, is the perfect way to wear the trend for the not so brave of us! Also don't forget to check out M&S's full lingerie line!

Have you/would you wear lingerie is outerwear? Share your thoughts!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

My February 'Non Beauty' Favourites

Images from my Instagram

This past month wasn't all that eventful in the Fletcher household! In light of that, I ended up picking up a new hobbie of sorts: baking! I never used to bake much since it always got me stressing out and worrying too much about the outcome so it wasn't always very enjoyable! After a specially disastrous chocolate cake (I mean, it had loads of chocolate in it which made it edible, but it just wasn't delicious!), I decided something had to change and that I would master cakes once and for all! I even went out and bought a hand mixer, that's how serious I was about it. haha It made baking so much easier, which in turn made me want to do it all the time! Bad news for my waistline, but a hit with the husband! hehe

The Coffee and Walnut cake I made was so delicious, I could barely believe I baked it myself! The only problem with it was that it was way too thin, I think my tin was too big for the recipe. We are moving in a couple of weeks, but after we are all set up, I want to get better equipped for all the baking I want to do! Also, I've now started to try baking cookies. First try was a total disaster, (the ones in the picture are the very last batch I managed to save!) but you know, it's all a learning curve! haha

Images from Tumblr

In keeping with the uneventfullness of it all, we ended up watching a lot of Netflix and we are now both obsessed with House of Cards! Netflix have got it down with their own productions, first Orange is the New Black (which I made a post about right here and am dying to watch season two of!) and now this... I always did have a habit of sympathizing with the bad guys and here they made the "bad guy" (if you can call him that) the main character! I'm starting to come up with the theory that what makes a show GREAT is the duality in the characters, not liking everyone all the time but not hating them all the time either, if you see what I mean? I feel like that about The Good Wife, OITNB and obviously about Claire and Frank Underwood!

This show is based on the miniseries of the same name here in the UK, which aired in the 90's. It's all about the political (and not so political) power struggles in Washington and a man who is ruthless in his quest for power (how fancy does that sound??). It is mesmerizing to watch. I'm SO sad we're getting close to the end of season two now and, by what I hear around the internet and from friends, it's an intense finale! Doesn't it just break your heart to know that they haven't even started filming season three yet?? What are we going to do?? 

What have you been up to this past February?? x


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