Thursday, 27 February 2014

Mood of the Moment: Statement Necklaces

My whole life my mum always joked saying I must have been a drag queen in another life. I have always been attracted to anything shiny! I think the happiest moment of my childhood was when I was a ring bearer at my aunt's wedding and my dress was a mini copy of hers... It was a crystal sparkly explosion and I couldn't stop smiling! Of course my style has obviously evolved since then and I've mostly been rid of my flashy ways. Mostly! 

Even though they can be a little too much sometimes, what I like the most about statement necklaces is how versatile they can be. They can dress up a little black dress or be a touch of fun on a casual outfit. In fact, my favourite way to style them is to combine them with a simple jeans and tshirt look and let the necklace do all the work. You know me, the trick is to make it look like you've made an effort, even if you haven't!

I'm still a bit of a way away from making statement necklaces a wardrobe staple, if I'm honest. I've been wearing delicate, understated necklaces for years now, so they might take a bit of getting used to. But my next jewelry purchase will definitely be one of these big guys!

How do you feel about statement necklaces?

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Monday, 24 February 2014

Blogging Spaces: Flo @ Hola Flo

"Hi Ferdie's readers! This is Flo and I write a beauty and lifestyle blog called Hola Flo. This is my first guest post and I'm very excited to share my blogging space since I'm very happy about how it looks. I moved to Sweden last December and I currently live in a furnished apartment in Stockholm, that means that I didn't have to spend tons of money buying lots of stuff but only small things that make it look exactly like I want it to. 

My blogging space is my living room where I have a corner sofa and a white sofa table. The sofa is so comfy but the only problem is that I usually sleep when I'm supposed to blog! 

In my blogging table I always have candles and flowers, they make me so peaceful and happy and I can stare at them all day long. I also have an old 18-55 mm lens for my Canon camera and my school books. 

As blogging requires all my attention, I only use my computer to blog, my phone to check if somebody is talking to me and the ipad to listen to music. I also like to have my iphone and ipad handy to check how my pictures look in different devices and of course, for Instagram.

I hope you liked my blogging space. Thanks to Ferdie to let me show it If you wanna check out my blog this is the link:

 Flo x"

Love, love, love Flo's space! It's so bright and organized, sooo dreamy! If you want to take part in the Blogging Spaces series, just drop me an email or tweet!

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Saturday, 15 February 2014

James Brown London Intensive Moisture Mask - Review

I'd already used products from James Brown London's line before and I quite enjoyed them, but I first heard of this hair mask reading Jennifer's blog and after she sang it's praises of course I had to get it! I mean, ave you SEEN that girl's hair? And with a name like "Intensive Moisture Mask", it sounded like just the thing! It contains soy protein, pomegranate oil and shea butter, which all sound like good stuff to me and the packaging looks so chic! Plus, it only sets your back £8 from Boots, so I went for it.

At first I was really disappointed with it. They recommend using it on dry or freshly washed hair and leaving it on for 10 minutes for nourished and soft hair. Now, I tend to switch up regular conditioner for hair masks in the shower to give my hair an extra boost of hydration. I do not recommend doing that with this hair mask because using it that way will do NOTHING to your hair. I felt like I had just thrown £8 in the trash can! I completely forgot about it for a couple of months, when I decided to give it another chance during a pamper day!

I then finally tried using it in the recommended way. I washed and dry toweled my hair and applied a generous amount of product. I threw a shower cap on and left the mask to do it's thing for about 20 minutes  (I always leave things on for longer than recommended, such rebelliousness!) and THEN I could finally see what Jennifer loved so much about this! It did leave my hair feeling so soft and moisturized and shiny like it hadn't in a long time. If your hair's in need of a little loving, you won't regret picking this up! 

What's your favourite hair mask? x

Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Sunday Post #10: My Hairy Situation

Did I ever tell you about the time I got a pixie hair cut? Yeah, that happened! The year was 2010. My hair was falling out a lot for some reason and it had damage from being dyed so I just thought "to heck with it". I always knew a short hair cut was something I would like to have at some point in my life so I decided that was the right time to do it. It was also 4 months before meeting my now husband for the first time in real life after a 2 year online relationship. I was really scared of what he was going to think but he was cool with it when he saw it. Or he ACTED cool, 'cause a few years later he told me he didn't like it. haha What a sweetheart.

Look at me at 18! And this is the hair cut... it had actually grown out a lot by the time I took this picture, it was MUCH shorter!

When my father picked me up from the hair salon after my hair cut, I was really scared of what he would say. My father has the annoying habit of being brutally honest, so I thought I would want to die when he saw it... But then he said he actually didn't hate it (which is a lot coming form him! haha). Phew, crisis averted! My mom wasn't that happy with it because she thinks I'm supposed to be a lady and ladies have long hair! haha But that was ok... I had no problem with it because I really liked it! I actually liked it! Even when I was excited with my pixie cut plan, I never discarded the chance of leaving the place in tears. But it didn't happen! Not the day I had it cut, not 2 months later...

You'll remember from this post from last year I had a hair cut last August. I was obsessed with blunt hair cuts at the time (I blame Into The Gloss for that!) and after thinning my hair out with a DIY hair cut, I decided to go get it fixed and also get some bangs cut in! I'd had bang before so I knew they suited me, so no big worries there. When I left the hair salon that day I was very happy with my cut, I thought I looked so cool! haha But then it all started going wrong... I think I only wore the bangs down for like three weeks? Yup, then they just became a nuisance! The day I realized I didn't have real long hair anymore was the worst. And then I cried... 

 I cried after chopping off no more than 3 inches off of my locks, but when I went from mid length to a pixie hair cut a few years ago, I shed not one tear.

I've given this paradox a lot of thought and I think the reason for it is that back in 2010, I didn't love my hair. I was sad it was thinning out and damaged, so going for the chop was just an exciting thing for me, being the big rebel that I am. But last year... MY HAIR AS BEAUTIFUL! hahaha Yes, I said that! I loved the cut (before I ruined it myself), I loved the ombre I put in myself (very proud of that one!) and now I don't love it anymore. It's an awkward length and an awkward cut and I'm just not as happy with it as I was before!

And for that, one of my resolutions for 2014 is to NOT have a damn hair cut! I imagine my hair screaming out "just leave me alone!" whenever I think of getting scissors near. And I shall do just that! I still absolutely love the look of short hair and I'll bet you I'll have hair like that again at some point. But after having my hair the longest it'd been my whole life, I've decided that's the look for me!

What is your worst hair story? Tell me about it in the comments! x

Friday, 7 February 2014

My New Firmoo Eyeglasses

Although I've been wearing glasses for short sightedness a good few years now, I still don't think of myself as a "glasses person". Which is very unfortunate for me, because every time I leave the house without my glasses on, I have to spend the whole time looking down (so as not to look forward and have everything look blurry). Not to mention I always end up returning with a throbbing head ache. But all is not lost, at least I get to look oh so cool when I have my glasses on! haha

You have probably seen other bloggers mentioning throughout the interwebz, as they have collaborated with over 10,000 blogs. I was excited when I got contacted by them since I was already on the market for a new pair of frames anyway, so it was perfect timing! If I'm terribly honest, I really wasn't expecting the glasses to be as good quality as they are! My original pair I bought when I first started wearing glasses was not cheap at all, but these are just as good quality at U$39! It comes with a lens wiping cloth, a little pouch and an amazingly good quality and sturdy case, which I'm really impressed with!

You can order your glasses with prescription straight from the website, but I had to get mine without it because I don't actually know what my prescription is (see what a good glasses wearer I am? hahaha). Of course I made up a prescription when putting my order in (dummy) and then I got an email from their customer support saying it looked a bit funny so they were just checking with me first... I was really pleased with that, what great customer care! When I asked for my lenses without prescription, they were really helpful and pleasant, really a huge bonus!

I am so very pleased with my new glasses, even I have to get prescription lenses put in myself. Firmoo also do an amazing promotion where you can get your first pair or glasses for free! Check out their website to see how you can get yours, I thoroughly recommend do! x


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Emergency Face Masks

I think my biggest beauty sin has got to be neglecting my skin for days, not doing my whole skincare routine, and then having to deal with the consequences of my neglect! That is usually when I reach for my face masks and hope they can rescue my skin for me! Here are the ones I reach for the most:

A hydrating face mask...
I tend to reach for these types of masks during the colder months. Having the heating on all the time absolutely destroys my skin. It feels incredibly dehydrated, dry and can even get a little bit flaky. I also hate that tight feeling I get when that happens. Or maybe you've over done it with the exfoliation! I'm definitely guilty of that. Using the Liquid Gold one night and then using abrasive face scrubs the next, it's a recipe for disaster! It can give you that tight feeling too, except you can also count on some redness, sensitivity and itchyness. Applying a thick layer of a hydrating mask and leaving it on for at least 10 minutes will give you some relief!

An exfoliating face mask...
Again, it's great to have this on your stash for the winter months. Once more, the culprit for me is the heating being on all day, it leaves my skin looking so dull and lifeless. Or maybe if I haven't exfoliated in a while and my skin needs a quick pick me up, this is what I'll reach for 9 out of 10 times. I like to leave this REN mask on for longer than the packaging recommends and it's always been fine on my skin! But any exfoliating face mask can help bring a little life back to your complexion and make it look a lot brighter.

A clay based face mask...
Now, this one is a no brainer. Luckily being a grown up has at least ONE advantage, which for me is that my skin is a little more under control and I don't break out as often anyone. So, whenever my skin is having a bit of a freak out (which is usually once a month, if ya know what I mean...), this is what I use! Although this is also great for getting rid of blackheads in a jiffy. I like to just apply it on my nose and on the sides, which is where my problem area is, and leave in on until the mask dries. 

I always apply face masks with these flat foundations brushes, which I don't like for foundation anyway. I always find it better to use a brush, or else most of the product with end up stuck on your fingers (especially with that REN one, which is more like glue than anything else!).

What are your emergency face masks? x


Monday, 3 February 2014

My January Favourites

It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the new year, I can't believe it's February already! Here I give you my very first monthly favourites!

Alpha H Liquid Gold: A little fun blog trivia: my very first review on the blog was one on this product! A year and a half on, my feelings on it remain unchanged. It's my go-to product on the lazy nights when I can't be bothered to do my whole routine, but still want to wake up to a bright complexion. During this time of year, my skin tends to go a bit dry and patchy, but this always comes to the rescue! Not to mention, it helps any acne scarring fade away that bit faster, which is always a bonus. It's definitely a must have product in my book. 

Lola by Marc Jacobs EDP: Don't be fooled by the big flower on the top, this perfume is not a "spring/summer" only one by any means. It is a very versatile scent, which can be worn during the day or night and not feel out of place. I find it to smell very sophisticated and kind of "grown up" and although I gotta say I hate the packaging, it's one of my favourite scents. You can read my review on it right here.

MAC's Ruby Woo: Aaah, my most favouritest lipstick ever! I am always tempted to just wear it every day. I think it's the shade that suits me the most out of all the lipsticks I own. Not only that, I love the way I feel when I'm wearing it. It's funny how much confidence make up can give you. I specially love it on the winter months to brighten my day up! haha

MAC MSF in Soft & Gentle: Another product perfect for the winter months. Whenever your complexion needs a little pick me up, this is amazing! I love that the powder is really finely mild, so it doesn't look like just a bunch of glitter on your face, it just gives off a nice glow! I also like to apply it on the inner corners of my eyes with a small pencil brush, it looks beautiful!

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream: This is nothing like a cream at all, it's really more of a multi-use balm. My lips get so dry during winter, they can crack and hurt like a beyotch. So I like to apply a layer of this before I go to sleep and my lips are still perfectly moisturized when I wake up. I also like to put it on any scrapes, scratches or other dry patches and it works like a charm!

What are you January favourites? x


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