Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Easy Way to Perfect Red Lips

I love wearing red lipstick. It's amazing how much it can boost your self-confidence! I used to think that because of my darker skin colour, I couldn't wear brighter colours or even reds. It all changed when I tried the Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick in 107, which is a darker shade of red. The fact I didn't absolutely hate it (hehe) was my cue to try more shades and now MAC's Ruby Woo is my favourite lipstick!

If you look up videos on YouTube on "how to apply red lipstick", you will find a multitude of techniques. I think my favourite might be this one by Lisa Eldridge. I will take anything she says on board and I'm on the same page as her when it comes to "when" to wear a red lip. My favourite is when I'm very casual, with a more natural looking make up and then there's that red lip that brightens things up. That's as glamorous as it gets for me! haha

You will notice in the video, there are a million steps you can take to make your lipstick last as long and look as perfect as it can. However, if I'm wearing red lips for a casual afternoon of shopping, I most likely will not bother doing all that. Instead, I have a very simple routine (if you can call two steps a "routine") that gives me the look I want!

All I need for this is a red lipstick and a red lip liner. Mine are from MAC Cosmetics, their lipstick in "Ruby Woo" and the lip liner in "Cherry". I first apply the lipstick straight from the bullet all over my lips without worrying too much about the edges. Then, I take the lip liner and use to perfect my lip shape and tidy up the edges. I then might blot my lips and apply a bit more lipstick, but that is very rare! I found this to be the quickest way to get the look I want and the matte finish of the lipstick makes it last all day!

Let this be a lesson to you all, there are no rules in make up! 
Do you wear red lipstick? x



  1. I freaking love red lipstick! <3
    MAC Russian Red is my super favourite.

  2. aww you look so pretty with a red lip ^.^ I often wear a red lip too when its a casual day too just makes you look like you put more effort in when you didnt really hehe, need to get ruby woo it looks like an amazing red xx


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    1. You are going to make me look as perfert as you are in these pics, baby. Just wait for February...

      If you haven't bought me anything, I'm accepting makeup. Just saying...

      (comentário corrigido, hahaha! mas vc foi mais rápida!)

  4. great tutorial :) i always end up with half of my face covered in red lipstick :)

  5. The only red lipstick I wear is Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple. I'm too scared to go full-on red! I haven't found the perfect red lipstick yet that isn't clown-ish on me but I hear people of various skin tones raving about Rimmel 107! x

  6. That shade looks really beautiful on you ! x


  7. I love that color!!! Looks great on you too!

  8. You look beautiful in red! I just can't wear it, I've never found one that looks good on me but I hear Ruby Woo suits everyone so maybe I should give it a try! x x

    Claire | AgentSmyth | Giveaway

  9. Thanks for sharing this, I seriously need a good lip tutorial. I suck at this :D

  10. This red hue looks so beautiful on you hun, I have finally found my perfect red last year! Thanks for stopping by hun!

  11. This color looks great on you, I love wearing red lipstick as well.

  12. pretty :)


  13. Great tips and red looks gorgeous on you! I do basically the same thing except that I apply the liner all over the lips first.


  14. This is so quick and easy! I wouldn't even think to apply lip liner after lipstick rather than before - interesting! I'm definitely going to try out this technique the next time I'm sporting a red lip. As much as I love lipstick, it can definitely be a pain in the bum to upkeep throughout the day/night. As you saw on my blog post, Ruby Woo is my go-to for the perfect red lip as well. I also use Cherry lip liner by MAC. We both have great taste! Haha.


  15. This shade looks fab on you! Ruby woo is a shade on my lipstick wish list! I love a red lip but dont wear it often enough! Hope you are well lovely!


  16. Red really suits you!


  17. Loved the editing of the photo, look oh so chic and magazinish! ^_^
    The colour looks gorgeous on you and I have found through experimenting that I look best with a red lip when eyemakeup is minimal and face is dewy/light and casual too! when I try the thicker winged liner and red lips I just end up looking a little confused! haha, wonderful post as usual :)
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe



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