Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sanctuary Spa Bath Relaxer - Review

I was never really a bath person. Baths aren't really a thing in Brazil and it's not common to have a bath in your house. The only times I've taken baths since moving to England were when our shower was broken! I found it difficult to understand the concept of getting clean in a bath when the water you used is all just sitting there... Am I the only one who finds it kinda gross?? Well, recently I've come to understand that, at least for me, baths are not for getting clean. They're all about relaxation and time for myself. Am I weird?

After making the decision I wanted to take a bath (that's a big one!), I realized I need to pick up a "bath product". I browsed the bath aisle of Boots for a few minutes and landed on this: a bath oil by Sanctuary Spa, which contains a mix of jojoba, almond and evening primrose oils and essential oils and spices. The fragrance is said to be a powerful relaxer.

I probably used way too much product on my first time trying it out. I'm a total bath n00b! I ran a warm bath and used almost half a bottle, which was a little unnecessary, but it was still "bathable"! The product itself does smell lovely and I definitely found it relaxing! It also moisturized my skin brilliantly. I have never felt my skin more nourished and soft than when I used this little baby. 

After using this, I have definitely been converted to baths and can't wait to take my next one! haha
Are you a bath person? Leave your products recommendations bellow! x


  1. I definitely don't bathe to get clean, either. Just for a nice relaxation time. Perfect Sunday evening activity. :)

    xo Glazed Over

  2. I'm the same as you, I didn't "get" baths because of the whole sitting in dirty water thing (and having long legs) but I guess that could be solved by showering first (and getting a larger bath)! Definitely read Into The Gloss' article on How to Take a Bath, it has some good recommendations.


  3. I have only shower :/ damn it ! lookin' good :)



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