Tuesday, 14 January 2014

My 2014 Goals!

If you can handle another "2014 goals" post, here's mine!

Eat more fruit and veg.
Kind of an obvious and general one, but it is definitely the place where I have the most room for improvement! Instead of making the goal to "lose weight" or "ban this or that food", I've decided to put all my focus into adding things to my diet instead of taking things away. I wanna try to find new ways to add veg to our meals and find new recipes. We've been in a bit of a rut lately where we are always cooking up the same things for tea and it's driving me a bit crazy. haha I have no shortage of ideas for breakfast (thanks, Instagram!), but I really struggle with main meals and this is the year I plan to change that. I might even start writting some recipes down a notebook, how cute would that be??

Juice more often.
I wrote about my first experience with juicing on this post from September last year. It's something that can be a bit of a struggle to start with, but the benefits are incredible. I started doing it simply because of the quick (not permanent) weight loss, but I never felt healthier than when I was drinking those green juices every day. The best part about all of it, I think, is how it can really kick start a major change of habits to any one. You would deduce that after only drinking juice for 3 or 4 days you would start craving "bad foods", when in fact, exactly the opposite happens! I've never craved a big salad more in my life than when I when I was juicing regularly! And, I mean, we bought an expensive juicer that has just been sitting in the cupboard for months, what's the point of that?

Move more.
This is the big one for me, without a doubt. If I eat well, I tend to keep eating well. But taking that first step towards becoming more active is the hardest thing. I mean, it's physics right? "A stationary object tends to resist being moved." Jokes aside, I do love exercising regularly. I just need to go back to 2012, the year I was in the best shape of my life, and remember how good it felt reaching goals with my running. I hate to admit how much I let myself go in 2013, but it's time to pick myself up and dust myself off. After all, I still want to run a marathon before we have a baby and I need to get on that ASAP (the marathon, not the baby!), I'm not getting any younger. :)

Keep the blog updated.
I started this blog in October 2012 and I'm so thankful to everyone who comes on here and shows their support. And even to the ones who come here and never comment at all.! I know I do that as well, but it doesn't mean I like the blog any less. I feel really lucky to have achieved those numbers on the side bar and to have people who actually read and show an interest on my blog. However, I have taken some massive breaks from blogging and it always makes me wonder how much more I could have achieved if I had just kept it consistent. So I decided, this is the year I find out where I can get with this little baby! No more huge breaks!

Now, I want to hear from all of you:
What are your goals for 2014?



  1. These are wonderful goals! I'm with you on number 1, it's something I'm definitely trying to be better with this year <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  2. Healthy living, definitely! And this year, education is a big one (my nose will constantly be in a textbook). :)

  3. I'm a vegetarian and I also don't eat enough green, I'm always eating out or eating snacks! But since you live in your own apartment I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to buy a cook book? :O And if you buy a vegetarian one than you're sure to have plenty of green in it and you add what ever else you wanna add :) I also bought a juicer last year to do my cleanses but I think my mom use it more than I do, except for my lemon detox diet! I should add this one on my goal list! I must say I'm quite a sucker for a good lazy tv day :( I don't especially like to train but I think it could be better for me to join a team haha! I hope you'll keep your blog updated :) Nice goals! Good luck for your 2014 :) xx


  4. Good luck, you've inspired me to get some more veg into our diets :)

  5. Good Luck Ferdie! I love your goals and I want pretty much the same as you do.
    I have the same issue with exercising and absolutely loved the way you describe your first goal... I got really inspired reading that. =) Hope you achieve all of them.

  6. I need to juice more as well. Great post beaut! Xx

  7. My plan is to continue to lose weight, write more, read more, spend more time on myself:-) I love our goals.

  8. Love these goals! I also want to start juicing! I think more for the 'making sure i'm in taking enough nutrients in my diet' element than anything else because I will find ANY excuse to have junk food (studying being the main one) and if I start juicing it up a little more than I'll feel like I can justify my cravings :P though if what you experienced applies to me (NOT craving junk food) than an extra great big cheer haha :')
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe

  9. I like your law of physics when it comes to exercise! I love fruit but sometimes struggle to add veg to main meals. I'm very much a carb girl so I think that's a really good goal x

  10. Juicing is something I've always wanted to get into. I barely eat any vegetables even though I enjoy them and feel sick constantly x

  11. I think these are great goals and very achievable - anything that is going to make you healthy and feel better about yourself is worth doing :) Great blog by the way

    Laura x

  12. I have similar goals as you! I want to hit my health and fitness goals too! You can check out my goals at my blog! I am following! :)





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