Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Birthday Face

Maybellinne Colour Tattoo in "Pomegranate"; MAC blusher in "Stubborn"; Jemma Kidd highlighter in "Iced Gold"; Rimmel eyeshadow quad in "Smokey Brun"; No 7 lip liner in "Blush"; Revlon matte lipstick in "Mauve it Over"; YSL Touche Eclat foundation in BR 060; YSL Touche Eclat in 5; MAC eye brow pencil in "Spiked"; MAC technakohl liner in "Graphblack"; Maybellinne The Falsies mascara; Shu Uemura lash curlers; Guerlain Terracota bronzer in 07; MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW30; MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in "Medium Dark".

Even though we didn't have any big plans for the day, I still wanted to do a little something special with my make up. I put a bit of effort into my eyeshadow (which I rarely do), even though you can't really see it with my eyes open (damn you, hooded lids!). haha I knew I wanted to use the Maybellinne cream eyeshadow, so I put it on with a flat eyeshadow brush and set it in place with the darkest colour of this Rimmel quad. I love this eyeshadow palette so much, it's so hard to find one where all the colours are perfect, but this is it! I felt I needed a little black thrown in there, so I added this MAC black eye liner to my lash line. I used an angled brush to blend it and then I dragged what was left on the brush to my lower lash line! I decided paired the relatively dark eye with my favourite nude lip combo, the No7 lip liner and this Revlon lipstick!

Previous "The Face" posts: The Lazy Face & The "Not So Lazy" Face.

Monday, 28 October 2013

It's My Birthday, ya'll!

Hello, my peeps! It's true, today is my 23rd birthday. I'm tempted to start lying about my age already! I woke up extra late today, as you do when it's your birthday. My husband brought me all my presents in bed. It was awesome opening them all after knowing they'd been in the house for days and not being able to get even close! Oh no, not with my husband on watch! I'll share all my presents with you guys during the week, but the coolest one is in this post already. How awesome is my Iron Maiden tshirt??? I really wanna get some more now, it is such good quality and I love the vintagey print!

We went out for lunch and I got a less than exciting baked potato. I'm trying to quit meat, but I'm also avoiding calling myself a vegetarian! I have no desire to eat meat right now, but I can't be sure I'll never want to eat it again! If any vegetarians are reading this, what do you guys usually eat? I'm struggling a bit, to be honest, any tips are appreciated! After lunch, we went for another spot of shopping, which is when I got my most exciting gift yet and I can't wait to share it with you guys. It might just be the blog's first fashion post! :D

We finished the day with some home made chocolate brownies and ice cream! I photographed the whole thing and I'm sharing the recipe on the blog very, very soon! x


Saturday, 26 October 2013

Nuxe Reve de Miel Nourishing Lip Balm Review

With it being everywhere in the blogosphere, I'd been dying to try the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm. I wasn't willing for fork out over £10 for a little pot of product, though. Enter the sale! They have 1/3 off all French skin care brands on at the moment (I'm not being paid for this! lol). Being down to just over £6, I finally allowed myself to satisfy my curiosity and picked this puppy up! 

The Nuxe Reve de Miel Nourishing Lip Balm was tested in the extreme conditions of the Canadian weather and its efficiency was verified by 96% of the volunteers testing it. I think that is quite an impressive feat. Even though I've never been to the Great White North myself, rumor has it is freaking COLD. haha It contains honey (duh, "miel"!), plant oils, shea butter and grapefruit essence. I really liked the slightly citrusy scent it's got. But if you're not a fan, no need to worry, it doesn't really linger at all! The thing I like the most about this lip balm is that, unlike my lip treatment of choice (the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream), it is not sticky in the slightest! It feels very creamy and nourishing on the lips and it's definitely helped with my chapped lips. I can see this coming in very handy in the coming months!

Have you tried this yet? Want to? Don't care? Share your thoughts!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

How to turn your Pages links into images - Tutorial.

Have you ever wondered how I got the links to my blog pages to be images instead of just text? Well, here's how I did it!


I decided to share this little tutorial with you guys because it was something I really wanted to do to customize my blog even further, but I could not find any tutorials of how to do it online. So, now that I've got it figured out, I'll try my best to explain to you guys how I did it!

There are three steps you need to take before we start. First, you need to have created pages on your blog already. You can do that on your blogs main control panel, in the same place where you'll find the Layout tab, there are other tabs, including the Pages one. You will need the link to your already created Pages for this. Second, you need to create the images your are going to use. I used Photoshop, but any image editor that you usually use is fine! Third, upload the images you created to a free image host, I use Photobucket! You will need the images URL for this as well.

Excuse these images, my Blogger is in Portuguese, but I'm sure it'll be easy to find things in English!

Here's the code you need to add: <div align="center"><a href="YOUR PAGE1 URL"><img src="YOUR IMAGE URL"></a><a href="YOUR PAGE2 URL"><img src="YOUR IMAGE URL"></a><a href="YOUR PAGE3 URL"><img src="YOUR IMAGE URL"></a></div>

Hope this helps, guys! Any other questions or request, just leave them in the comments below! x


Wednesday, 23 October 2013

My Dressing Table


A few weeks ago I wrote a post about wanting to give my bedroom a make over. I can finally announce Phase I as complete! haha I still want to do a lot more in there, but the biggest piece of the puzzle is done, which is my dressing table! If you've been reading my blog for at least a year (anyone?), you'll remember I used to house and do all my make up on my little bedside table. So, finally having a proper house and space for all of it feels like a huge luxury!

I, of course, went for the ever so popular Malm dressing table! I love the design of it, it's so simple and modern. I originally wanted the Ingolf chair to go with it, but ended up going with the stool just because it was cheaper! I checked before ordering and it is the same height as the chair, so it's all good. I put it all together myself while the husband was away and I had a harder time building the stool than the table, how weird is that? haha

I went for this Argos desk lamp cause it's got a bit of an industrial feel to it, which is very modern and I think goes perfectly with the dressing table. It is specially useful for when I'm doing my make up at night, I still want to get another one to put on the right! The little pot I use for my brushes AND the small dish I use for my jewellery are both from Next Home and I adore them both! I love having my most used jewellery out like that, as I always forget to put them on before leaving the house, so having them right in front of me is very helpful! haha

The best part about this has got to be the mirror and the "deal" I got on it. I was LITERALLY on my way to Argos to buy a £40 mirror, walking down the high street, when I decided to first go into TK Maxx and check if they had any other nice accessories I might like and then I saw this mirror! It was love at first sight and it only cost me £24! How lucky am I?? haha

And if you ever wondered who the woman in the picture frame is, that's Carla Bruni! I loved that image from her campaign for Bvlgari, so I put it up there. Is that weird? My husband thinks so! haha

If you have a similar post to this on your blog, I would love to see it! Leave your links below! x

Monday, 21 October 2013

A Clean Slate

A little tip for bargain obsessed gals out there: you can find some great gems at the TK Maxx beauty section! You have to go on when you're in a good day and with lots of patience to go through all the mess (another tip is to go in the morning if you can, it's generally more organized then!). That's where I found my Macadamia Healing Oil at an awesome price (here's my review) and I've seen many other great deals. 

My latest find was this Elizabeth Arden bronzer. I have no idea why they decided to market this as bronzer, since it is way too light and full of chunky glitter. But the gorgeous compact made me reason with it and I thought I could always wear it as a highlighter! I went and snatched it up for just under a tenner. The packaging is one of the most gorgeous I've ever seen. So when I got home, the first thing I did was check out my new purchase, only to find it had been dipped into and the store lighting disguised it! 

I wasn't ready to give up that easily, so I scoured the internet for tips on sanitizing your beauty products and here are some of the ones I could find:

To sanitize powder compacts, the easiest thing to do is use a paper towel to remove the top layer of powder with it.

The same tip applies to sanitizing lipsticks, just wipe the it with some paper towel to remove the top layer.

For the more thorough gal out there, a mist of alcohol 70% or higher works well. Just make sure you let the alcohol fully evaporated before the next use!

I've heard the sales assistants at MAC stores dip the lipsticks on display in alcohol at the end of each day to sanitize them.

It mainly got me thinking: we always hear about how important it is to wash your brushes to avoid bacteria build up which can lead to skin irritation, breakouts, etc. But how often do we think about sanitizing the products themselves? I'll admit, the thought never crossed my mind!

Do any of you sanitize your cosmetics on a regular basis?


Thursday, 17 October 2013

Soap & Glory Scrubatomic Review

Soap & Glory have always been known as "that brand with the quirky names and packaging and the nice smelling products!". It had never been a brand I paid attention to as far as skin care goes, until they came out with their re-branding last September! I guess it's no surprise after yesterday's post that I am a sucker for packaging. S&G's new sleeker, more minimal approach has definitely sucked me in!

I had un-actively looking for a face scrub for a few months. I hadn't used a mechanical exfoliator in months, in favour of my Alpha H Liquid Gold and the Clarins Gentle Exfoliating toner! However, after being less than diligent with my skin care for a few weeks (oops!), they weren't up to the task anymore and I needed something that was a bit heavier duty! 

The Soap & Glory Scrubatomic was just what my skin needed! I cannot sing enough praises to this product. No other facial scrub has ever made my skin feel as soft as this little baby. Because it's also got AHAs in he formula, I like to apply it to my dry face, massage it in with wet fingers and leave it on for a minute or two before rinsing it off. It leaves my skin free of any flakiness or dullness that might've been going on and makes it truly bright and ready for any following products!

What do you think of the new S&G packaging?

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Lola Eau de Parfum by Marc Jacobs

Am I the only one guilty of buying a fragrance just for the packaging? Of course I still love the way they all smell, but you can definitely see a theme with my perfume collection: they're all yellow! When my husband came home from the U.S. a few weeks ago bearing gifts, I was very excited! As he told me it was a Marc Jacobs fragrance, I could already envision the pretty Daisy bottle sitting next to its new companions... But as I open his bag, I see this monstrosity that is Lola. Trying not to look too disappointed, I sprayed the perfume on my wrist and let out a very unconvincing "It smells nice!". I really wasn't a fan of the slightly floral scent at first...

As the days went by, I still wore it and really tried to like it and it worked! It sits in its own little special corner. It's not like I can have it sitting next to the other ones, it just doesn't go! But packaging issues aside, this is a very good quality fragrance. I have never tried Daisy, but I've seen many people describe Lola as its "older, trouble making step sister"! I find this definitely smells very womanly, I don't think it would be appropriate for a young girl, for example. I love how it is sophisticated, but with an edge. I feel like it's perfect for someone in their 20s, grown up but still very cool and understated. It is now my favourite perfume in my collection. And to my husband's luck, it is an EDP, so at least he got that right! I always prefer EDP, as the scent is more intense and lasts longer than with EDT (at least in my experience). You can find Lola at , £63 for 100ml

Have you tried Daisy or Lola? What are your thoughts? 


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Starting Off #8: Eyeshadow

This week's Starting Off project is all about eye shadows. They're the items I tend to scrimp on the most, as there are such good quality options on the high street, I can't justify buying expensive, high end ones! Here's a part of my collection: 

Sleek palette in Oh So Special // Maybellinne Colour Tattoo in Pomegranate and On and On Bronze // MAC pigment in Tan // MAC eye shadows in All That Glitters and Mystery // Rimmel quad in Smokey Brown

Cream eye shadows are the best choice for those can't-be-bothered days. If you don't want to faff around with a million different products, you can just slap some of this formula on quickly with a finger and still manage to look polished and like you put some effort into your make up. If you want more colour pay-of from your standard eye shadow, the most neutral tones are perfect to use underneath. They provide a base for the powder to cling to, making it stand out more.

Next up is out good old, trusty, pressed powder eye shadow. They are the most convenient to use, as they are very straight forward and easy to apply. The majority of eye shadows in the market come in pressed form, so you get a myriad of colours and finishes! I also like to use brown colours to fill in my eyebrows, as it looks very soft and natural!

Then there's loose pigments. They are ridiculously messy to apply and there is a lot of fall out with these, but the effect is nothing short of amazing. The colour pay off can be a lot better than with pressed powders. So if you want really strong, bright colour, pigment is the way to go. Just make sure you apply a base so that the powder has something to stick to and you're good to go!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Sunday Post #9: Cosmo's Career Masterclass

Louise Court, Cosmo's editor // Laura Gravestock, jewellery designer // Leanne Jones, buyer for River Island // Lisa Goody, head of Miss Selfridge PR // Emily Fleuriot, editor of Fashion Popcorn // Ian Wright Fashion director Drapers magazine and website.

Last Tuesday I was in London to attend one of the Cosmopolitan's Career Masterclasses. This was their 4th one, if I'm not mistaken, and it focused on the fashion industry and how to get your foot in the door, basically. The ticket was £30 and each attendee got a glass of bubbly at the entrance and a goodie bag!

I've been at a complete loss as to what I want to do as a career, since I decided to not focus on teaching anymore. The fact of the matter is, I'm not as passionate about it as I am about the beauty world!
The good thing about attending this Masterclass was that I managed to scrap one of the "options" I was looking into, which was fashion buying. Listening to Leanne Jones (who is an absolute doll!) talk about her job and what she actually does made me realize it is definitely not what I want to do!
The two people that got me really pumped and excited about their jobs were Lisa Goody (who is in PR) and Emily Fleuriot (she is also a freelance fashion writer). Lisa said she never planned to be in PR, but when the opportunity arose, she took it and never looked back! She sounds very enthusiastic about her work and I loved that! I can see why, too: helping a brand get exposure and meeting targets sounds very appealing to me! But at the same time, I love writing and connecting with like minded people, which the blog gives me the perfect opportunity to do.

I left the event feeling inspired, but also very overwhelmed! That's why the blog has been a bit quiet this week, while I got my head around it all. I guess this specific Masterclass wasn't the ideal one for me to attend, as it focused more on fashion (isn't that in the name? Silly Fernanda!) and, as much as I love it, it is very intimidating to me! I'm still not 100% of where I want to go, but I'm certainly closer to finding out!

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Triple Threat Face Masks

Yesterday I woke up in a bit of a funk. I can't think of a specific reason why, it was just one of those days where you're not feeling too hot, you know the kind? I knew a pampering session was exactly what I needed to get my spirits up! It was an evening long affair, and here are the three (THREE!) face masks I used, in order:

REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask
I thought I'd start out by using an exfoliating mask, to get rid of all the dead/flaky skin sitting on my face and give way for the other masks to really sink in and work better! This REN mask has got to be one of the most powerful chemical exfoliating masks out there. It has an interesting citrus smell, which I found revolting at first, but it's something you get used to! The instructions say to leave it on for 10 minutes, but I think that's just REN covering their butts against law suits. If you have normal (as opposed to very sensitive) skin, like me, leaving it on for 20-30min will work wonders! One of the few masks that lives up to its name, it really does leave your skin looking radiant! 

Superfacialist by Una Brennan Tea Flower Clay Mask
I then followed with a good clay mask! This one by Una Brennan has quickly escalated to the top of my favourite masks list, as it really does what it says on the tin! I only applied it to my T-zone and to the sides of my nose, which is where I get most oily. I avoided putting any on my cheeks, as the REN mask can be a little bit drying, so I didn't want to add to that. With this mask, you can really see it working as it dries down. When it's completely dry, you can see little spots starting to come though and that is all the oils and yuckiness that it is drawing out of your pores. Lovely!

Superfacialist by Una Brennan Rose Hydrate Moisture Mask
Lastly, I try to add some moisture back in with this hydrating mask. Can you tell I love Una Brennan products yet? They are such good quality for the price! This mask is ideal to have in your arsenal for the winter months, since it really gives your skin relief from that tight, dry feeling we get from the cold winds and central heating. But it's also good year round if you're into exfoliating your skin regularly. Sometimes I tend to go a bit too far with it and then I get that itchy, tight feeling from over exfoliation. This is a life saver on those occasions! 
What are your favourite face masks? x


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Starting Off #7: Eyeliner

Eyeliner comes in all different shapes and forms nowadays! You can find the in liquid, gel, or pencil form and it  is one of the simplest ways to add definition to your eyes. I always tend to stick to pencil eyeliners, as I find them to be the most convenient ones, although they do have their limitations. It's harder (I'd even dare to say impossible) to get a sharp line, similar to what you can achieve with gel or liquid eyeliners, with a kohl pencil. 

However, they are brilliant for creating that smudged, slightly smokey line on either the lower or upper lash line, which can be the perfect, subtle touch to help define your look without looking too harsh. As I'm all about using little practical tricks to achieve a quick, more polished look, that is my favourite way to use eyeliner!

I highly recommend the ones from the Rimmel Scandaleyes line! They come in about seven different shades and the quality is unbelievable. They stay put all day long and are by far one of the best budget buys ever, coming in at only £3.99. You do have to get a cosmetic pencil sharpener as well, though, as they are not the twist up kind. They're definitely worth it, all the same! 

What is your favourite way to use eyeliner? 

Friday, 4 October 2013

The Autumn Tag

Favourite thing about Autumn? 
I love that it gives me an excuse to eat all the treats I want! haha Summer is all about refreshing salads and fruit juices... Now, in Autumn you need to cosy up with a nice, warm cup of cocoa. And what goes better with hot chocolate than a piece of cake? Or brownie? Or some freshly baked cookies! The possibilities are endless! haha 

Favourite drink? 
Anything warm. I love my coffee, my favourites are lattes. But if I don't wanna drink that much caffeine at night, I'll have some tea (three Stevia "pills"(?) and milk) or some hot chocolate. I brought some cans of my favourite one from Brazil! haha
Favourite scent?
It's not actually a fragrance, it's my Caudalie Divine Oil! Because I don't tend to use it as much during summer, I feel like it smells of Autumn/Winter. I like to use it as a face oil, since the warmer showers dry my skin out like mad.

Best lipstick? 
Of course the berry tones are a cliche, but who can help it?? My favourite is the Kate Moss for Rimmel in 107. 

Go to moisturizer?
I always forget to moisturizer, but during Autumn I cannot afford that luxury as my skin gets extremely dry and it itchy if I don't! My favourite one to use is the Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter, as it's very thick and does a brilliant job.

Go to colour for eyes?
I've gotten really into my Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pomegranate. It's the perfect autumnal shade!
Favourite band/singer to listen to?
My taste in music doesn't really vary with the seasons, but lately I've been loving me some Lana Del Rey, as she sounds very moody and compliments a cosy atmosphere!
Favourite outfit to wear?
I don't have one whole favourite outfit to wear to be honest. But there is one piece of clothing I love for this time of year and it's my old H&M cardi. You can see it's seen better days, but I can't bare the thought of getting rid of it, it's so warm and cosy!
Autumn treat?
Candles! My favourite is the Yankee Candle in Honey and Spice. It smells like Christmas to me, cause I burnt it during Christmas day last year and it was a hit with the family!
Favourite place to be?
 Cosied up in the sofa with the hubs and a blanket, watching a film!

Thank you, Latasha, for tagging me, I had a lot of fun doing this tag! I tag these lovely ladies:

Thursday, 3 October 2013

An Eyebrow Noob

Sleek Oh So Special palette // MUA clear mascara // MAC eye brow pencil in Spiked // Sigma E65

I don't have the fullest brows in the world. Those empty areas on the top aren't the result of over plucking. They've been like that all my life, I just never had hair grow there! It always bothered me, until I found out about the wonders of eyebrow pencils. 

My first venture into the eyebrow shaping world was with this MAC twist up eyebrow pencil, which I still love to this day. It doesn't match my natural hair colour perfectly, as it is a little bit lighter, but I don't think it's that noticeable. Even if you have black hair like mine, filling your eyebrows in with a totally black pencil can look very harsh. I tend to use the pencil on my lazy/time pressured days, as a quick swipe on the top and front of my brows tends to sort them out.

Recently, I've taken a crack at filling my brows in with eyeshadow. I'd always watched the Pixiwoos doing it in their tutorials and I could never understand why you would choose to faff around with powder eyeshadows when you can do it so quickly with a pencil! The fact is, it looks a lot softer than just the pencil, which gives you a nicer, more natural finish. I start by using the brown of this Sleek palette through the front of the brow and then mixing it with a smidgeon of the black on the back!

Lastly, just to make sure everything stays in place, I go over my brows with a bit of this MUA clear mascara. I've tried Benefit's offering of a clear brow gel, and although it does work better, you can't beat this and it's £1 price tag!

Do you fill in your eyebrows? What are your favourite products?

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

My September Round Up

Just click the image to go to the post! 

Check out what I picked up from the MAC Retro Mattes collection!

A little advice for newbie bloggers or anxious people in general! haha

A boots mini haul + a mega boots haul in video!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Starting Off #6: Mascara.

Mascara is my most loved make up item, without a doubt. The look of voluminous, perky lashes is the most elegant and feminine part of any make up! Today I'm sharing with you two of my favourite mascaras. Besides being my most loved make up items, the only thing they've got in common is being waterproof. Check them out:

Maybelline The Falsies 
A regular fiber wand is ideal for giving volume to the lashes and the denser, the better. The great thing about The Falsies is it has curved wand. It gets you the best of both worlds: the bristles give you volume and the curve of the wand gives you length! I'm not one to be fussy about the formula, but this is a little too wet for me when it's brand new. After a few weeks of use though, it thickens up a bit and then it's perfect! This is probably the best budget mascara out there!

Max Factor False Lash Effect
This mascara's got a big fat brush with short plastic bristles. These types of wands are also good for volume, but no so much for length. They give your lashes the perfect amount of definition, while avoiding the clumpy, spider lash look (which is fine if you're a fan!). This mascara is my favourite, cause it holds a curl brilliantly, and me and my poor lashes need all the help we can get!

What is your favourite mascara?


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