Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Sunday Post #7: A Little Coffee Talk

I'm not really a tea girl...
I knew I wanted to write a more intimate, "talking to a friend" blog post like this for a while now. This is the whole reason I actually started this Sunday Post thing, to have a bit of a chat with everyone. But I felt so intimidated by it, I ended up writing about all sorts of things to avoid this post! haha Now the time has come, I'm not even sure what I wanna say, so here goes nothing...

I've been writing blogs on and off since I was 12. I stuck to my first blog for about two years, but I can't even remember it's name now and that makes me feel SO old! haha I feel lucky that I learned about HTML and how to use Photoshop back then, just because it makes my life so much easier now! If you guys think it would be a good idea, I could write some posts on how to do some of the basic stuff on Blogger. Just let me know in the comments what you would like to learn how to do and I'll get on it!

I really like to help out newbie bloggers, because I know how nerve-wrecking starting a blog can be. Specially a beauty blog, in which, let's be honest here, you are more likely to be judged on the way you look. I really debated the decision of putting pictures of myself on here, since I haven't always had the self-confidence I have today. Not that I think that highly of my looks, I've just learned to not let mean spirited comments (or people) affect me like they did before! 

I really think this comes with age. I used to be so insecure about every little decision I made and about every word that came out of my mouth, but now I'm just learning to roll with it. It's funny how life teaches you... Time really does heal everything. I remember a really bad experience I had at uni where I messed up really badly and it affected a lot of people in my department. I got sick from all the stress I went through and I really felt like I had literally ruined everything and that it was impossible to fix.

In Brazil we have a saying: "There is only one thing that doesn't have a solution, and that is death". Of course it sounds much better in Portuguese (like most things do, erm.) The first time I heard it, I was 10. I had ripped my dress at a friend's birthday party and was crying, because obviously my life was ruined, so her grandma took me aside, fixed my dress and we had a conversation I still remember today, 12 years later. Wisdom does come with age, so don't worry too much, child! (I swear I'm not 60!)

Saying that, I'm sure my 16 year old self would've ignored all this...


  1. This was such a lovely post, I really enjoyed reading this :)

  2. Please do some posts in how to use photoshop, i just dont know anything about it..
    Keep in touch,

  3. love these types of posts :) really sweet and helpful x
    The Frill Seeker

  4. Esta tua imagem deixou-me com água na boca...

  5. Time does really heal... I totally agree!

  6. That is a great idea! I really need help with how to use a photoshop and how to make the best of adsense.

  7. Oh you make me wanna go grab some croissant and a London Fog, and of course Harper's Bazar! eerr, I'm stuck in my little town with raisin bread... it's good though. anyway, I know what you've been trough, I used to be very shy about myself, I had low esteem and have some paciks attack! but I grew up! This is so weird and now I do videos on YouTube and I run a blog, this is so cool! :) Good luck on your journey, this is very fun :) xx

    1. Thanks, Leena! Your comment made me smile. <3

  8. Definitely do more of these posts, you're very wise (Coffee Breaks with Ferdie or Ferdie's Thoughts, those ideas are free btw haha) love to see on a post on changing the 'middle bit' of your blog. Am I making any sense? x

  9. I agree with you.. here you get judged by the way you look but also by the contents of your blog.. and I think yours is amazing! I think you're earning yourself some true loyal followers :)

  10. I love your pictures, and this post is so lovely... You has been one of my biggest inspirations, when is about self confidence... You are gorgeous and such a nice girl. You are the type of girl that everyone wants to be friends with.
    Sometimes I have to remind myself of that quote right there. Is so true.

    Ferdie, I would love to see you teaching about html and photoshop :)
    Have a lovely Sunday! <3

  11. Thanks for sharing this post! Yeah as a newbie myself I completely understand where you're coming from and its feels so REFRESHING seeing a veteran blogger like yourself admit to these things when other people completely avoid the topic! I can't wait to read more of your advice posts!

    And yes everything comes with age, I think people tend to forget that. Again, thanks for sharing such an inspirational post! =)

  12. I only had 14 followers when you started to follow my blog. It was not even about fashion then. It was about African American natural hair and product reviews. What you did meant a lot to me. That's what I call support. Like I told you before, I am glad you are blogging again.

  13. Thank you for writing this - as a newbie myself, I've been incredibly grateful to all the kind words and support from the fashion and beauty blogging community. This kindness has been a driving force for me to help other newbie bloggers, even as I struggle to gain a steady readership. You're absolutely right - it is very scary to put up pictures of yourself online for all to see. In fact, very few people in my real-life actually know I have a blog.

    Anyways, yes, I would love to see future posts on basic Blogger stuff. I'm always trying to learn as I go along and any help is much appreciated :]

  14. Lovely heartfelt post :)

    I agree, I used to be really self-conscious about my looks and my decisions for everything, but it's amazing how your life can be changed by blogging and connecting with other people! I've met so many lovely people, I'm more confident about trying various makeup looks, and it's just really nice to share your thoughts with like-minded people :)

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

  15. I think it's great that you feel stronger now and don't take negative comments so personal anymore. I am a very emotional and sensitive person myself and I worry way way WAY too much about what others say or think of me. I hope that with time I will be able to let go of that a little, like you did.

  16. Great post - I am hopeless when it comes to html so any tips on how to customize your blog on blogger would be so helpful!

  17. I was also scared about posting pictures of myself on my blog and I avoided it in the beginning. Confidence does come with age and experience. Even if someone judges me, I know I'm happy with myself and their opinions don't matter to me.
    I've been wanting to write more personal things on my blog for a while but I'm afraid of putting myself out there or writing things that no one will read. Yet I always love to read other people's personal thoughts. So I love your Sunday posts :)

  18. Great insightful post hun, The fact that you've been blogging since such a young age is truly inspiring. I found the saying really true and ideal, thanks for sharing. Stopping by to wish you well for the week ahead.

  19. I had absolutely no ideia you are brazilian, and I just have to say: I'm so happy that you are!
    O seu blog é maravilhoso e eu me identifico tanto com esse post e principalmente com esse sentimento. Nem sei explicar o quanto isso é bom :)
    Muito obrigada Fernanda!



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