Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Starting Off #5: Blusher

The powder blusher as we know it today was created back in the 1800 by  Mr. Bourjois (does the name sound familiar?). Before that, the only option available was heavy, cream theater make up. Mr. Bourjois' invention was so popular, it broke the walls of the theater and was adopted by the every day woman. Of course, make up wasn't as socially acceptable as it is today, being considered vulgar at times. Women then resorted to pinching their cheeks and biting their lips to add that bit of flush to their complexion!

Luckily, we've got it easier than that nowadays! For me personally, blusher isn't an essential, but it IS one of the easiest ways to bring on the "pretty" factor. My favourite way to apply it is to concentrate the colour on to the apples of my cheeks and bring it up a little bit towards the top of my cheek bones. If you make a mistake and end up applying way too much product (Bozo says hi!), do not panic! You can quickly correct that by taking your foundation brush and blending some of the colour in. I wish I had known about this trick years ago, because the AMOUNT of times I made a mistake and took all my make up off in frustration to start again... There is very little that is unfixable!

What is your favourite blusher of the moment? Do you prefer powder or cream formulas?


  1. Both your MAC blushes look absolutely gorgeous! :)


  2. Lovely Post! I really want to try MAC Frankly Scarlet, think I'm going to have to buy it when I go to London! x

  3. I have no blushers from MAC but really want to get my hands on a couple! I blend my blusher in with my foundation brush too when I apply too much - gives a natural finish too! I love NARS blushers I have 3 and love them all!


  4. I never knew the history of blush, its so intresting...
    Pinching cheeks and biting lips, thank god things have changed..
    My fav blush is well dressed..
    Keep in touch,

  5. I love love love Sleek blushes :) Great post x

  6. Hiya! Nice how you included a bit of history- very interesting!
    A lovely selection of products and shades!


  7. I have some cream blushes, but I don't really like the texture of it, I prefer the powder! I have my very pink NARS that last all day which I think it's great! My coral orange pop by Sephora, that one also is long lasting! I also got a Chanel one but I find it too dark for my skin tone, so I gave it to my mother! Anyway I think you have some very nice colours here :) Blush is an essential for my routine! xx


  8. Loved the history of blush summed up so nicely! I could honestly sit and read your blog every single day, you're a brilliant blogger ^_^
    also me too! I do like blusher but I still haven't found the perfect blush brush and therefore either am too heavy handed or just spread it around my face too much D:
    The Blushing Giraffe| The Blog Loving

  9. Blush is my favorite makeup item to shop for, aka hoard. I've been looking at MAC's Frankly Scarlet for ages now but I was never really sure what it looked like offline. It looks beautiful!


  10. The last time I used mac products was 5 years ago. I need to start again.

  11. Frankly scarlet looks amazingly gorgeous. My favourite changes all the time but I think it's Stila Gerbera but I have a feeling soon it'll be Illamasqua Tweak again <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  12. oh haha i seem to make too many mistake of applying too many blush and end up looking like a clown :3 and every time that happened I always have to wipe off the makeup on my cheek and re-do it! thanks for the foundation brush tip ^-^


  13. Adorable post, I much prefer a powder blush and usually chose one with a multifaceted palette featuring a few colours. Thanks for sharing your Emmy opinions with me doll...

  14. Love this post - you have picked some great blushes! I'm currently loving my NARS sin blush.


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  16. i love your template!!


  17. This is cuteee

    check out my blog, beauty and fashion xx


  18. MAC Stubborn looks really gorgeous - although I love peach blushes on my skintone xx
    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  19. oh my goodness i had no idea thats how makeup first started hahaha but i do agree with you, it seems like natural is the better way to go. I prefer cream myself but just the lightest touch is good enough for me!




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