Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Blogging Spaces: Maddie @ Call Me Maddie

"Hey there fabulous Ferdie's blog readers! This is Madara, but you can definitely call me Maddie, which coincidentally is my blog's name too, so if you want you can head over to my blog :) Call me Maddie is a lifestyle blog with a focus on fashion, photography and beauty. My blogging space is pretty simple, as much as I would love to have a clean and basic design, I love to decorate my space with things that inspire me and things that I love and make me feel comfortable!

My blogging space is basically a simple writting desk, I use two computers, a lot of times I use them both together, for example, when I am browsing around different blogs and leaving coments, I sometimes put on a concert records of bands and singers that I like, therefore I am more inspired and listening to music I love! I decorated my desk with pictures of people I love a lot ( a photobooth pictures of me and my boyfriend; and picture of me, my brother and his wife). I love that ballerina music box, it has the sweetest melody ever!

The thing I use almost every day is this cute, small notebook. Every month in this notebook I write down the perfomance and stats of the last month! There I also write down my post ideas, achievements and a lot of other blog related things

One more device that definitely helps me with blogging is my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S4), for example, I check my social network accounts, I sometimes make posts with the help of it and a lot of times it is very useful as a photo camera. Also I love buying fashion related magazines, like Vogue, Elle etc. I don't do it very often as the magazines are ridiculously expensive! The latest magazine I have is from H&M, which you can get for free in H&M stores; and as I work there I definitely have the privileges of getting to know all the news first! :) 

 I hope you liked my blog space post! :) And I would like to say a big thank you to Ferdie for offering me this opportunity of sharing my blogging space with you, her lovely blog readers! I have really enjoyed the series as I am a really noisy person myself and I love seeing my fellow blogger blogging spaces! I find it very inspiring and also very interesting! Thanks again and you can always find me on or you can tweet me @Maddie_7L. " 

Thank you, Maddie, for sharing your space! Maddie's blog is one of my personal favourite style blogs. She dresses impeccably and always look so chic and elegant! I love her style, you should definitely check her blog out!


  1. I will definitely check out your blog. You talk about an array of wonderful things. I do the same.

  2. looks like a nice blog, I'll check it out :) xx

  3. I really like this type of post that you the other day, I read a bunch of them ;)

  4. Great guest post, I am a huge fan of Maddie's beautiful blog and her incredible style. It was so great learning about her ideas and inspirations

  5. Aww how lovely, and the notebook idea is so handy! I will have to check out her blog. I'm so jealous of her little blogging space :(

  6. My blogging desk is by the window as well! Though I don't have much stuff in here. Loving the idea of putting pictures of significant others. I put mine on my vanity table. :)



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