Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Blogging Spaces: Cat @ What Cat Says

"Hi there readers of Ferdie’s beautiful blog! So Ferdie was kind enough to let me guest post on her blog about my blogging space! I’ve enjoyed reading about other bloggers blog spaces, and I hope you guys enjoy mine too! My name is Cat, and I blog over at What Cat Says. It’s a fashion style and beauty blog with sprinkles of life, and other stuff. As a blogger, I’d love a beautiful big desk space with all the things I wanted and needed for my perfect blogging spot. I’d have all the inspirational images, all the pens and notebooks to hand and everything organised so nicely and neatly... But unfortunately I don’t have that luxury just yet. Still living at home, I share a room with my younger sister and a house with six others, so space is very limited and I have one place in the house I have to call my own, and as small as it may be. It’s mine, and my bed. 

This is where I relax, where I paint my nails, where I watch catch up TV, play my games and where I blog mostly. I love to blog in pure comfort, so getting tucked right in with my laptop, pillows sorted how I like them, and then my camera and notebook to hand, I will be a happy blogging bunny. Being in the comfort of my own bed, makes me feel like I can zone out into my own little world, and blog to my heart’s content. 

 I don’t have much on show, but the underneath of my bed is where I keep all my blogging things and make-up and beauty bits (as well as boxes and boxes of shoes). I have two baskets with my beauty bits and I have a vanity case where I keep my make-up so everything is always at an arm’s reach! My notebook holds all the blogging ideas, and schedules I attempt to keep to. Since doing this, I’ve been more organised with my blogging and I think I’d lose most of my blog ideas without that book. I keep it with my sketch book and coloured pencils for days where I feel inspired to draw and colour.

I take most of my blog photos with my FujiFilm FinePix S4500, but sometimes my iPhone is more to hand, so I use that from time to time. I usually keep it in a camera case handing on the corner of my bed so it’s always to hand with my tripod tucked underneath for my outfit photos. On my window sill, just seen I have a few beauty things that I always manage to accumulate whilst blogging; Some of which I recently blogged about, and some which I keep there as a reminder that they are to be photographed and blogged about! I also keep a mouse there for when I take a break and play The Sims 3! 

As long as I am comfortable, I’m happy blogging in my bed. I love a bit of silence when I’m blogging as it helps me think. I don’t think I blog half as well anywhere else in my house other than in this very spot I’m writing this right now. It’s like all creativity is lost elsewhere. Space should be and is no limitation when you have a spot on the internet that’s all yours to blog what you like and make your own! 

I hope you enjoy my post, and I’d like to thank Ferdie for letting me post on her lovely blog, and if you’d like to see more from me, you can either visit my blog at or tweet me on twitter @CatttSays!"

Thanks Cat for sharing your space! I loved showing this on here because it proves you don't need all the space in the world to write a brilliant blog, which Cat's it! x


  1. Wonderful guest post, I love hearing about the ideas and routines from other interesting bloggers.

  2. Oh I like this! These posts are really great and Cats bloggin space looks so cosy! x

  3. bed is the best place to blog! Love this guest post xx



  4. My bed is where I blog from the most too. All about the comfort <3

    Jennie xo |

  5. Nice guest post and defo checking her out now. Someday i will soon introduce guest blogging on my blog too.
    Following you now, hope you will follow us back.

  6. This is so cute, I love how low-key it is! I blog from my bed often as well :)



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