Saturday, 17 August 2013

MUJI Acrylic Drawers

I'd been keeping all of my make up in two little bags for months and really wanted something a bit more conveninet, where I had easy access to all of my items. So, when I was in London a few weeks ago and ran into a MUJI store, I knew what I had to do!

I love how they look on top of my dresser! They are ridiculously practical and it fits all of my make up with a little room to spare so I can keep growing my collection, how convenient! haha They are perfect for the clean, white, fresh look I'm going for with my home decor! This dresser is right next to my big mirror, so it's perfect for doing my make up (I like to do my make up standing up!).

The only draw back with these is how shallow the drawers are. As you can see, my Bourjois Healhty Mix Serum foundation bottle fit perfectly, but something with a thicker bottle like, say, the Dior Diorskin Forever foundation would not find a safe home in there! I'm very lucky everything I own fit so nicely and I love how tidy it looks! Now I'm looking for a nice antique tray to put my perfume bottles in, something like this. So chic! 

I keep my Touche Eclat and some of my pencils and smaller brushes in this Dyptique candle. I looked at so many tutorials on how to empty the old candle glasses out and they were so ridiculously complicated, I found a much better way to do it! I can work on a tutorial if anyone's interested! 

You can find MUJI stores in London, I got my drawers at the Covent Garden one! There 3 drawer one cost me £17 and the 5 drawer one is about £25. They're also available from the MUJI website.



  1. i love the way the acrylic drawers look, and the perfume tray is gorgeous! things like that definitely make a dressing table :) x

  2. Really want some of these! Would love to see a tutorial too :) xx

  3. I really want some of these draws, they look really clean and just the perfect way to store make up! Also, that perfume tray looks gorgeous. I'd love to see a tutorial as well! x

    Lucy | Lucys Lifestyle

  4. I have the same muji storage :) they are so practical and look fab.

    if you fancy it, Come check out my new post :)

    Gemma Talks Beauty

  5. They look so pretty! I want some x

  6. I've always wanted an acrylic drawer to store my makeup! This looks perfect except I do dislike how shallow it is as I have quite a number of products with bulky packaging.

    Louise | Vanity Corner

  7. I love the minimalistic look of those drawers!

  8. I want that fancy shmancy drawer too O_O I just have a crummy looking purse for my make up :D

  9. I also have those muji drawers
    I love them they look so clean :)

    happy to have discovered your blog
    Im going to subscribe, maybe you feel like returning the favor ^^

  10. i want something like that too! :D

  11. Looks so amazing! I love that and want something like it too! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog.

    Would you like to follow each other?
    let me know :)

  12. I need something like that but bigger maybe :) I am so disorganized when it comes to my makeup that I end up losing/misplacing some and then years later I find it and by then I need to throw it away because its expired/gross :)))

  13. They look so interesting!
    Want to try!

  14. followed you back GCF and bloglovin'


  15. I love MUJI for storage! They are so convenient and tidy! I really like your blog and have followed. Check out my blog and follow back if you like it :)


  16. I love these drawers, need some more to take to uni! ♥

  17. love how you reused a candle, i always think candle containers are too pretty to throw away :)

    thanks for this!

    love Em x

  18. Wow, these are so incredibly handy! I've heard a bit about them and you've definitely piqued my interest more! And I noticed the Caudalie Divine Oil on your table- isn't it lovely?! :)

    And thanks for stopping by my blog earlier- so much appreciated! xo


  19. i envy your organizing skills :) your dresser looks so fresh and clean <3 i really wanna get one of these clear drawer organizers too :)

  20. They look cute and simple. Pretty soon you are going to need at least two extra ones. You've been writing more, and I like it. It's good for the brain!

  21. Looks very streamlined, much better than a bag heh! The antique tray is gorgeous and something like that would look fab with perfume bottles, very classy. And please do a tutorial on emptying an old candle jar, I would love to know how you do it x

  22. I'm super obsessed with the muji drawers! Also, I can't wait to empty my diptyque candle jar! Love!

  23. These drawers are so stylish, just like the Iceboxes, I LOVE them!

    I've recently started my own lifestyle blog, please check it out on...

    Phaze x

  24. Oh my gosh I always assumed they'd be so much more expensive so I'm so shocked that they're not?! xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  25. Thanks for sharing! Love these types of posts!!


  26. What beautiful photography! I love all the perfumes, Miss Dior Cherie is my favorite.

  27. great storage for your make up!

    maybe we could follow eac other? :)

    please let me know, i would be very happy :)

    svetlana frmo Lavender Star

  28. Beautiful pictures :)

    Everything is so neat and tidy, my idea of perfection!
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  29. I love acrylic storage so much, it has such a clean and tidy look about it <3



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