Friday, 22 March 2013

A Personal Update

Hi peeps! I thought I would let you know I'm in Brazil at the moment! It had been a year since I hadn't been home, so I can't even tell you how happy I am to come and visit my family! The blog willbea bit dead because of that, though. I shall see you in the beginning of April! Meanwhile, if you follow me on GFC, you might want to start following be on Bloglovin' by clicking HERE, since GFC will become extinct in a few months!

See you in April!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Kerastase Cristalline Lait Cristal Review

These are my first ever Kerastase products. I've always wanted to try something from them but in Brazil their prices are prohibitively high. I feel like here in the UK, while it certainly isn't cheap, it's definitely affordable! I decided to go for the Cristallist range first mainly because I really like the packaging (being honest here! haha). The reviews I'd read were very mixed, but, like I said, I really wanted to try the brand out, so here we are!

This line was developed for people with long hair and I got the fine hair version (there's also one for thick hair). The shampoo is clear, which I tend to associate with clarifying shampoos. It lathers up really well and does an amazing job at cleaning the hair, but in no way dries it out. My hair usually needs conditioner before it starts feeling nice and soft, so I was really surprised when I rinsed the shampoo out it it felt really smooth and soft! It smells just like the hair dressers, which I like. hehe This has probably become one of my favourite shampoos ever! The conditioner added a nice bit of moisture to my hair and detangled it really easily. It's a really nice addition to the shampoo, they work really well together! This duo made my hair so shiny, like I hadn't seen it in ages! It does contain some weird, unpronounceable chemicals and it's definitely not a natural choice at all, but by God, it makes your hair look good! If you're not fussed about these things, I recommend this duo. Kerastase is definitely worth the price tag, in my opinion!

I got these from Feel Unique, the shampoo is £12.65 and the conditioner goes for £14.08.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Battle of the High End Polishes

These are my first (and so far only) designer nail polishes. I thought it would be a good idea to compare them and let you guys know which one I think is worth investing in as I do have a definite favourite out of the two!

First up is Chanel's Vertigo. When I was browsing the Chanel polishes at the counter, this one stood right up to me. I absolutely loved the hint of purple it has on the bottle and I could see the very subtle sheen that is a trademark of the Chanel polishes. It is the prettiest mix of purply/pinky, almost invisible little glitters. When applying to the nails however, I was really disappointed to find it doesn't show up at all on the nails! There is no sheen to be seen, the color appears completely solid. I do like the formula, but I hate the brush. It is very thin and the end is flat, which leaves a strange mark at the base of the nail. It lasts pretty well on my nails, around 3 or 4 days without chipping, although I have read some unfavorable reviews saying it chips quite easily. Even though I don't like the brush, I would probably buy more of these. I can't afford a Chanel 2.55 but dammit, I will have some Chanel in my life!!! haha At £18 a pop, they're not cheap, but are affordable. 

Then we have the nameless YSL #137. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous, it's definitely my favourite. It claims to be long lasting, but to be honest it lasts the same as the Chanel, so no complaints, but no praises either! I find the formula of this one easier to apply, I feel it glides on better on the nail. Also standing out here is the brilliant brush. It's got a slightly rounded end, which fits perfectly on the nail, making a cleaner application much easier to achieve! For this reason, the YSL is the winner for me. I bought it at the House of Fraser winter sale and snatched it for £13, when it's usually £17. I think it was a good bargain, and I would still pay full price for these and be just as happy, as the quality is excellent!

Now, of course you could get comparable quality nail polishes for a lot less, but let's be honest with ourselves. We all like the luxe factor! If you do not mind a bit of a fussy application, I would still recommend the Chanel. If you're NOT a manicure pro, like me, the YSL is the one to go for! They are both available at counters, nationwide.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

New In - MAC Cosmo & Ruby Woo

MAC lipsticks must be one of the most hyped up products ever. it's really not hard to find girls on the internet with an insane collection of dozens of them. I personally never saw the point in having so many lipsticks... until I started wearing them! These are my first MAC lipsticks and I'm happy to announce they ARE worth the hype. I picked up two very different colour to start with. First is the perfect peachy pink nude colour, Cosmo. I had a really hard time finding the perfect nude colour, as all the one I tried ended up looking too light on my darker skin, but this one looks really nice and flattering on my skin tone! It's the ideal every day lipstick. It is very creamy and wet looking, so I was surprised at how well it lasted on my lips!

Then we have Ruby Woo. It is currently the best selling MAC lipstick in America, which I think is really impressive, it being such a bold colour! I always thought that for darker skin tones it is best to stick to darker red, but then Nicole Scherzinger proved me wrong! On one of her appearances on the X Factor she was wearing a really bright red and it looked amazing on her! That's why I decided to go for Ruby Woo instead of Russian Red and I've never looked back! As you can tell from the picture it is extremely matte but luckily I didn't find it to be drying at all! It feels comfortable on the lips and I love the 50's vibe it give off!

I'm really happy with my choices and I definitely see my humble sized collection expanding in the near future! MAC lipsticks are £14 at MAC counters and from MAC online.



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