Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Anyone out there?

Hello lovelies! Yes, believe it or not, it is me! I've been away from then blogging world for a couple if weeks now and the craziness of the holiday period is not the only one to blame. Something silly happened to me but it turned into something rather serious. I got a really nasty cut with a razor while shaving my legs (I know!) and didn't make much of it at the time but it ended up getting infected and put me out of action completely! My left foot got ridiculously swollen and painful, I could hardly walk for a couple of days. 

It was really annoying to have something a silly as that turn into such a nuisance. I went to see my GP, who put me on antibiotics. It didn't get much better so I went to hospital a week later with a hugely swollen an bright red foot. The doctor there suggested doing nothing (!!!) but putting my foot up for a couple days. Sounded outrageous at the time, with all the pain but it actually did the trick! 

I'm feeling much better now and will be returning with regular posts in no time! Let this be a warning to all of your girls out there! It is something so routine that we don't even think about it anymore, but BE CAREFUL when shaving your legs! x



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