Wednesday, 28 November 2012

My Christmas Wishlist

(First, let me apologize for the lack of posts these past few days, i felt my blogging mojo had gone for a walk but I'm definitely back now!) 

One of the perks of having a blog is being able to make posts like these and drop the hints to your friends and family as to what you want for Christmas! haha Who agrees??
1. Origins Masks - No Puffery and Drink Up Intensive: I just feel like I need these masks in my life! For some reason I always get puffy eyes in the morning and the reviews on this sound amazing! Also, the over night mask is almost a cult product now, everybody raves about it!
2. Chanel Books: these look like the perfect coffee table books, they have such lovely photographs and who can't appreciate a bit of Chanel? 
3. MAC Pro 15 Shadow Palette: I think the design of the new palette looks so much better than the old one. The clear lid makes it so much easier to find what you're looking for. After seeing this I decided to start a MAC eyeshadow collection (everybody needs a hobbie, right? haha). The first 3 I'm going for are Woodwinked, Corduroy and Brulee!
4. Real Techniques Core Collection: I essentially want this set because of the buffing brush! The fact that the whole set costs a few pounds more than a MAC 217 makes it such good value, in my opinion!
5. Burberry Classic Eau de Parfum: I adore this perfume! I got it for Christmas a few years ago and loved it straight away. It has a very sweet smell, but it's not overwhelming. And the staying power is ridiculously good!
6. iPhone 5: Well, do i really need to explain this one? haha
7. Diptyque Holiday Candle Set: As if the candles aren't gorgeous enough, just look at the packaging of this! This set contains their more wintery smelling candles and I can't wait to get my hands on these!!!

What's on your Christmas wish list? Leave the links to your posts in the comments! x


  1. Love this list! I really love the new MAC palettes too and those three eyeshadows would be a great start! xx

  2. I want Diptyque candles as well! Lovely list!

  3. Good to see you back! I have to say I'm not keen on the new clear lidded Mac palettes, I just know mine is gonna get dirty! Would love an iphone but am stuck with my blasted blackberry for the time being and a Kindle is top of my list as I have run out of space for any more books.

  4. I want the real techniques core collection too! I heard such good things about it. <3

  5. I've got those brushes on my wishlist too! I've got two years left on my current phone contract...there'll probably be an iPhone 7 by then!

    Great blog


  6. I need the No Puffery mask, my eyes get so puffy, sore and dark with early mornings and late nights. A woman used it on me during an Origins facial and it felt lovely! X

  7. Great wishlist, I want the Chanel book aswell ;)

  8. I also wanted the RT Core Collection JUST for the buffing brush! Haha But then I came across the RT Expert Face Brush (have you seen it?) so the Core Collection is off my list now. =D x

  9. Aah need those chanel books in my life! I did a Christmas list post a week-ish ago - not as glam as yours! Consisted of leggings, nike trainers and topshop <3

    Check it out if you get a chance over at mah blog :-)


  10. I would love that Diptyque candle set too!

    Black and Vanilla

  11. Thank you for your comments and following :) I'd LOVE an iPhone 5 too, ahh, if only!x

  12. I am not really a candle girl, but that set looks gorgeous :) x

  13. Love this post! I think I need to add the Chanel book to my wishlist, you are right who woulsnèt love that on their coffee table..We are your newest followers, come stop by and say hi :)

    Stacie and Carly

  14. I love the real techniques core collection! It's definitely worth spending your christmas money on if you don't happen to get it as a gift! And I really want to try more origins products too. I have their vitazing which I love, but I want to experiment more!

  15. I want those candles too! Fun Christmas list :)

  16. I don't know what I want for Christmas, but I have been thinking about it! You will love the iPhone 5 :) I know I do!

  17. hello dear, thank you so much for following, you have a really great blog and I like it so mush, so I followed you back :)
    keep in touch


  18. Love this post and welcome back! I agree with everything on your list, i think i might put my own list together tomorrow!
    Anna x

  19. thank you for following me -- I just followed you back!


  20. i want the new iphone too!!!! :P

  21. awesome wishlist!! i definitely want the Real Techniques brushes too, i hope all your wish will be granted for Christmas :)

    I would like to invite you to my giveaway:
    (sunglasses & prescription glasses)

    hope you have a fab day gorgeous! ~ XO

  22. Ah the iPhone 5, wouldn't mind having that baby as well!



  23. Great wishlist! I also would love the Real Techniques Core Collection, its meant to be really good! Lovely blog btw, I'm now following :) x

  24. Hello, I found your blog from a friend and I went to visit! I loved your post and I am going to stay on top of all the news!
    I hope my blog:

    If you want to follow me I'll be very happy! ♥ hugs..
    Instangram @pathyamorinha

  25. Your wishlist is perfection, I want every single item you covet for, especially the parfume and the iphone. Your have a lovely blog by the way and I am a new follower on GFC and Bloglovin! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  26. Oooh great list! I've always wanted a Diptyque candle! Thank you so much for stopping by and following my blog - I've followed you back. I love your blog.

  27. The Origins drink up mask is really good, I didn't believe it until I bought it! Definitely drop some hints!xx

  28. Woodwinked is definitely my most loved MAC eyeshadow! I highly recommend it! :)



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