Friday, 12 October 2012

French Girl Hair!

I am the boringest person when it comes to hair! I try not to use heat tools on my hair 'cause I'm trying to grow it out and keep it healthy. I don't even own a hair drier (which, with winter coming up, is gonna have to change)! Because of that, there's not a lot i CAN do to my hair, I just always let it air dry, sometimes put it up on a bun to make it wavy. My hair is basically always down or up in a boring ponytail!

I'm trying though, I swear I am trying to branch out! I think having a blog will push me to try new thing and one of these new things is this hair style! I first saw it on this blog post on a brazilian blog and loved it straight away! It looked so complicated though.. Needless to say the first few tries were a disaster and I thought I'd never get it. haha But the old saying IS true, practice does make perfect. Never be discouraged if you don't get something right on the first try, keep at it and you'll get it! It get really easy after the first tries! All you need is a head band! Literally just twist your hair in and that's it.

Here's what it looks like from behind. I think this is such a chic hair style! of course, coming form the french girls, how could it not? haha But I think the best thing about it is that it's a great option for a bad hair day. It hides it all away while still looking very pretty!

Also, you can dress it up or down depending on the hairband you use. It can be an everyday style or fancy! In fact, I think this is how I'm gonna wear my hair for a wedding I have coming up! My hair styles repertoire is expanding!


  1. Your hair looks really nice like this! Wish my hair would behave enough to do something like this! xx

  2. Your hair looks so beautiful <3

    Jennie xo |

  3. I used the same technique to curl my hair yesterday!It makes awesome curls!



  4. Your hair looks really nice here! I can't wait for the day my hair is long enough to do more styles with it!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog :)
    Emma xx

  5. It looks lovely! Looks so simple and effortless. xxx



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